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Ear Candling

What is it?

The candles are hollow tubes of unbleached cotton/linen & hardened with beeswax. They are infused with herbs & essential oils. The tube is lit at one end & the other end is gentle inserted into the opening of the ear. You lie on your side on the couch.

During treatment you may experience gentle heat around the ear & a feeling of pressure being released in the ears or sinuses.

Once both the ears are treated you may receive a massage of the face, neck & ears, or relaxing reiki.

After treatment, review of the residue in the ear candles will take place.

It is advisable to avoid water sports & swimming for 24 hours.

If you experience compacted ear wax it may be advisable to insert olive oil spray for a few days prior to your appointment. Please discuss with Jane when booking.


Benefits of ear candling may include:

  • Relaxation & stress relief

  • Softening & loosening of compacted earwax

  • Relief from sinus discomfort, headaches & snoring

  • Easing pressure problems prior or following flying or diving

  • Temporary relief from tinnitus

  • Reduced irritation of the ear canal.

Ear Candling £20 for 30 minutes
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