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About Me

Jane trained at The College of Foot Health Practitioners Blackheath, West Midlands & in June 2018 qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner. This course is equivalent to NVQ level 4 Diploma. This allows practitioners to diagnose & treat independently.

Training at this college enables direct listing on application to the accredited register of foot health practitioners. Approved by the Professional Standards Authority under the Health & Social Care Act 2012. Jane is a member of the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners which requires continual Professional Development.

Jane has successfully completed The Advanced Diploma in Foot Health Practice.

This training enables Jane to assist her clients with non-invasive foot care. Which includes Nail trimming & Thinning, Ingrowing Toenail, care of verrucae, corns, fungal infections of the nail, removal of hard skin/callus etc.

On Sundays Jane is available for advice & treatments, if unable to assist will direct you to the professional that will be able to.

Jane is a retired Registered Nurse & a Holistic Health Therapist. Running alongside her Foot Practice she also practices Chirokinetic therapy (CKT), Ear Candling, Reflexology & Reiki.

Fully insured by Balens Insurance Company.

  • Nail trimming & Thinning

  • Ingrowing Toenail

  • Care of verrucae, corns, fungal infections of the nail

  • removal of hard skin/callus

  • Chirokinetic therapy (CKT)

  • Ear Candling

  • Reflexology & Reiki.

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