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Sunday 20th March Taster Sessions

An opportunity to try Reflexology for 20 minutes for £10

What's involved? Filling in a brief health record.

Laying down on a heated comfortable couch, you only need to take your shoes & socks off. Then relax.

Zone Reflexology

Relaxing reflexology technique & foot massage in relaxing surroundings.

Experience the release of endorphins, the body’s’ feel good hormones & a sense that the whole of the body is better balanced

During your session we can work on any areas that are currently causing you concern

An opportunity to try Reiki & Chakra Balancing, 20 minutes for £10. What's involved? Filling in a brief health record, taking your shoes off & laying down on a comfortable, heated couch & Relax.

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that uses gentle energy flow from the Reiki Practitioners’ hands that placed near the person receiving reiki. You may experience a warmth or coolnessor/& see colours. This therapy is beautifully relaxing & helps mentally, spiritually & physically to rebalance yourself

Benefit from universal gentle energy flow to refresh.

Go away with a general sense of good health, well-being & harmony.

During your session we can work on any areas currently causing you concern

To experience either of these therapies on Sunday 20th March '22

Contact Jane by leaving a message onthe website, message or ring Jane

07956 466554 or

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